lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010


Hi guyss! how are you?
Well, today i have something to tell you..
As you know guys.. sari and me have been separate because of the situation here in mexico, specially in our city, one of the most affected. So, we decided to make a separate blog each one, because we cannot post as much as we like.. but dont worry, this DOESN'T mean that two friends two styles is over, we're gonna keep posting and we're gonna be here and with our independent blog too.
Well, this photos are from one day few weeks ago, when sari and me has nothing to do so we play with our camera with lady gaga's lips and then we play with the webcam with red lips.
I really love this girl, and i don't wanna be apart from her, so i dont wanna finish this blog because this is one things that unites us. We have the same love for fashion, and we have a very special friendship: she alwas is there for me, she always hear when i feel bad, she always laugh with me and of me! haha, she has taught me lots of things, and i think that when im by her side, im a better person. i love you sari :D you're my bestfriend.
Well! lots of drama here! hahaha'
You can visit me (yary) at
and you can visit sari at
and we're gonna be here anyways! we love you guys! thanks to you we started to be who we are and thanks to you we are so united.

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  1. Aw, well Im looking forward to reading both of your blogs!

  2. You look amazing when you smile :-) Have both a super day, hugs!

  3. Cute pics. Like the lipstick!

  4. looking forward to reading each of you guys independent blogs and still praying for you guys and the situation where you live :)

  5. nice make-up girls! I like the way you use the black pencil on your eyes!

  6. get fun!!!!! me encantan los labios orientales! besos

  7. las siguire siguiendo en donde esten, aqui y en cada uno de su blog independientes.

    siento mucho oir de la situacion en mexico. nosotros en los e.u. siempre estamos al tanto de las noticia en mex. y es terrible. me da lastima porque nuestra gente no es haci, pero por lo visto mucho ha cambiado.

    love you both and may God's grace be with you all the time.


  8. I love how you put your lipstick its very geisha..And I like the playfulness of those shots too

  9. Cool lips in the first photo ! It's a shame you're separating but will check out your new blogs

    XOXO, C.

  10. I like the way you wear your lipsticks in the upper photograph. Sad you're going to have to start your own blogs, but that's nice too and I'll deff check on them!

    Love, E

  11. Me gustan los labios de la primera foto, like it, y bueno q lastima que no siguieron haciendo tantos post juntas, a ver si me doy una vuelta por sus blogs independientes!.

  12. what amazing blog you have :) thank you very much for your comment in my blog :)

    kiss from Portugal***


  13. haha I love these crazy pictures <3
    great lips on the first photo!

  14. you have a great blog, keep it up
    thanks for your sweet comments as well!


  15. You look cute when you smile !
    i love this post:)


  16. love love loving the makeup girlies!

  17. ohh you guys are too sweet. it's okay to have separate blogs, though. you could put more personal things in your blogs =D

  18. You guys are so cute! I love the gaga lips - I wonder if it's wearable in real life?

  19. Thank you so much for commenting my blog! that means so much to me!

    you both are so pretty! like two sisters, so lovely!
    and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

  20. The lips in the first picture... just awesome!
    I'll have to follow the two of you separately now, but I'll keep checking up on this blog too.



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