miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Amazing nights!

Hi guuuuyyysss!
we missed you(:
Well, as you know, last Saturday i went to prom..these photos was after prom becausde i was late! and i cannot take it before hehe so i take it coming home.. my hair was a little messy at that time hehe..
i was separate from Sarii for a few days but it was an amazing night! I really love it.. i dance a lot (: and i really like the dress that i wore. I had a lot of fun! I wanna go again :P hehe.
Sarii went to a friends house with her boyfriend... and she fell in love with that flower (as you can see :S) in all the photos theres the flower! hahaha
When i have the photo of me and my date in the prom im gonna post here for you guys;)
Im waiting for your comments.. what do you think of my prom dress?
And what do you think of Sarii's obsession? (the flower :P )
Well, see you hunnies!
Follow? please :D
we really lovee You a lot..
Yaary Y Sarii.

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Forever? YES! forever(:

Hi guys!
How are you?
Well, these photos are from today Friday, at mi house again.. this time at my room(:
Im really excited! 'cause tomorrow is the prom! wish me luck guys.. im gonna wear a red gown with black accesories.. and dont worry im gonna post the photos here for you guys(:
Today sari was feeling bad and her photos didnt like but anyways we decid to post...
Oh and the shootings in our city do not end even.. we're really scared and yesterday bombed the police station! in all the city we heard the noise! Thanks to god it was nothing serious but was a really bad day.. but we still here guys..keep praying for the city please :/
and... follow please! (:
We love you..
hope you had a great weekend.
Yaryy & Saarii

beautiful sarii with my quinceanera party's poster(:

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Hey guys! How are you?
We're in a relax saturday at home and im wearing the blouse that sary gives me for my birthday! i love it(: i love the print. And im so excited because im a week for the prom and im gonna post a photo of the dress of course! But Sary and me we're gonna be separate for that weekend :/ im gonna miss her but shes gonna wish me luck(:
We're in a really bad situation here in Mexico 'cause theres a lot of shootings in the city so we cannot go out at night much as we would like, well, hopefully this will end soon. Pray for our city guys.
We love you so much(: Hope you had a really nice weekend and so much fun on it!
Saryy and Yary(:

sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Fighting with the sun!

Wow! Sunny day, we missed sunny days like today. Our vacations ends tomorrow! OMG we want more! Anyways at work we dont have vacations.
Its Saturday guys! live the party! Hope you have a nice weekend(:
Guy we wanna tell you that we're gonna have our first month with this blog, this is new for us and we wanna thank all of you for all the support and all the nice comments that you post for us. We really appreciate that and you guys encourage us(:
We're just two friends with different styles who are almost all the day together and wanna share with you our way to see fashion(:
Well, Its Saturday guys! live the party! Hope you have a nice weekend!
We love you(: