sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

This girls.

are the most beautiful and close friends that you can know ever!

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Last Year :D

hiii! :D how are you guys?
well .. this photos are from last year.. when we had no idea that this blog would exist.. at my little bro's party :D
We looked a little bit different. right? haha specially mee (yary).. my hair was different.. and the quality of the photos isn't too gob but i wanted you saw them :D
Love you guys!
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lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010


Hi guyss! how are you?
Well, today i have something to tell you..
As you know guys.. sari and me have been separate because of the situation here in mexico, specially in our city, one of the most affected. So, we decided to make a separate blog each one, because we cannot post as much as we like.. but dont worry, this DOESN'T mean that two friends two styles is over, we're gonna keep posting and we're gonna be here and with our independent blog too.
Well, this photos are from one day few weeks ago, when sari and me has nothing to do so we play with our camera with lady gaga's lips and then we play with the webcam with red lips.
I really love this girl, and i don't wanna be apart from her, so i dont wanna finish this blog because this is one things that unites us. We have the same love for fashion, and we have a very special friendship: she alwas is there for me, she always hear when i feel bad, she always laugh with me and of me! haha, she has taught me lots of things, and i think that when im by her side, im a better person. i love you sari :D you're my bestfriend.
Well! lots of drama here! hahaha'
You can visit me (yary) at
and you can visit sari at
and we're gonna be here anyways! we love you guys! thanks to you we started to be who we are and thanks to you we are so united.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

messy day.

Guys! How are you?
Well.. i have no much to tell you today :/ im so upset! because my little brother doesnt want to take me photos and i have no one else to take them.. so i have to use the self-timer and the photos are a disaster! aghh! totally dislike.. and sarii and me keep separate...
Anyways.. the photos are here so you can see my disaster..
and then i have problems posting the photos.. this was so slow! aghh
so as you can read my day was a mess :/
Keep comment guys! i love the beautiful comments that you write... they inspire me a lot..
well.. love you guys! see you(:
follow? :D

this photo is in a wall in my room.. its from last year from the photoshot on my XV but i really love the quote.. :D this is from when i used to be queen of my high school (;

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Normal Days.

Hey guys! How are you?
Well.. this is our todays look... sarii and I will be separate for a few weeks.. cause we're not gonna go to the store so we cannot see each other as much as we like.. but anyways we're gonna be posting(: even if we are not together.
I miss her pretty bad.. and i think she's missing me too! or what sarii? hehe
Well.. today my photographer was my little brother! can you believe that? haha he's only 9 years old.. so the photos maybe arent a wow thing but he does his best hehe.
Follow us please guys? if you want(:
we love you! very very much...
byye byee!